Definition of IPL



IPL a Virtual Machine

Priviledge Class G

This performs an inital program load of an operating systen into your VM.


vaddr The address of the I/O device which contains the nucleus to be loaded.

cylno The cylinder from which to load the nucleus. If omitted cyl zero is
used. Only applies to virtual DASD devices.

CLEAR Sets VM storage to all zeros before the load. Not valid if a systemname
is specified.

NOCLEAR Default if you load by vaddr. Not valid when systemname is used. Leaves
VM storage unchanged before loading the nucleus.

STOP Not valid if systemname is used. Loads the OS but does not perform the
initial program status word load allowing you to use CP commands to debug/
manipulate the VM before proceeding with the BEGIN command.

systemname Loads and starts an OS that was stored with the SAVESYS command.

PARM {p1 p2} A string of characters grouped by four that are loaded to your VM's general
registers starting at the high order byte of register 0. It must be the
last parameter given.

Response: Any response comes from the OS that was just loaded and given control.