Definition of LOADVFCB



Load a forms control buffer for a virtual spooled 3203 or 3211 printer

Priviledge Class G

This command establishes a forms control buffer for a spooled virtual printer such that printer
overflow sensing operates correctly. The system does not need to have a real 3203 or 3211
printer but one must be defined in the directory entry for the VM in question.


vaddr the virutal address of the printer whose FCB is to be loaded.

FCB keyword indicating Forms Control Buffer

name the FCB's system defined name.

INDEX keyword indicating that offset follows.

nn only applies to a 3211. A number indicating the first
print position. It can be from 1 to 31 and should not
contain leading zeros. Check the manual
VM/370 System Programmers Guide for more info on the use
and definition of FCB's.

Response: none.