Guide to the myDOSVS Environment

The Hercules tab - this is your window into the status of the Hercules emulator. The top text box is a read-only display. The second text box is where you can enter commands directly to Hercules. Clicking "Start Hercules" will run the emulator. The "Mount Tape On 180" button will open a file open dialog in the Tape directory. Choosinga .het or .aws file will issue the Hercules command to mount it on the drive. The "Preferences" button will re-open the settings dialog that appeared the first time you ran myDOSVS. When you change the settings and click "Ok" the myDOSVS.conf file is recreated from scratch. Therefore if you manually edit this file do not use this dialog as your changes would be lost.

DOS/VS Console tab - the console for the operating system.

VTAM Terminal tab - this is a 3279 emulation used for the VTAM system. It is a color terminal.

Work Table tab - this is where printouts are placed as they come off the 1403 printer. When you left click on a printout icon it is transfered to the Greenbar tab for viewing. Right clicking an icon will open a dialog allowing you to delete the printout or print it in landscape on the default pc printer. The "Print Dialog" button will open a standard pc print dialog box that you can use to change the default printer or orientation of the printout. Note: For the printout separator function to work properly you must be sure to use "JSEP=1" in your "* $$ LST" JECL cards. See the example JCL.

Card Facility tab - this allows you to manipulate card input. You can load and save files from the JCL directory, clear the edit area to create a new card deck, and send the deck to the 3505 card reader device. In the edit area the standard (ctl-x,ctl-c,ctl-v) keys allow copy and paste.

Greenbar tab - The printout left-clicked in the Work Table tab appears here.

Proceed to starting the system.