Starting DOS/VS

1. On the Hercules Console tab click "Start Hercules". Startup messages will appear.

2. On the DOS/VS Console tab click "Connect to Hercules". A Hercules spash screen should appear. If you want to use VTAM go to the VTAM Terminal tab and click Connect to Hercules. Then back to the DOS/VS Console. Note on console use: If your keystrokes are not recognized ensure the title bar indicates the window is active, placing the mouse pointer in the terminal window will ensure this.

3. Click the "IPL 240" button. Hit {enter} and the IPL message should appear.

4. Type "$$A$SUPA{enter}".

5. Click "Load IPL.JCL". This load the IPL control deck to the card reader. There will be a 4 to 6 second delay while it loads and runs.

6. The console will ask for an IPL reason. Just hit {enter} here. Then it will ask for a sub-system id. Key another {enter}.

7. On the console the BG prompt will appear. Type "ASSGN SYSIN,UA{enter}". BG prompt appears again. Type "STOP{enter}". No more prompts appear. Type "START F1{enter}". The F1 prompt appears. Type "ASSGN SYSIN,X'00C"{enter}". The F1 prompt appears,

8. Click "Load POWER.JCL". Back on the console screen type {enter} at the outstanding F1 prompt. The POWER program starts and asks if you want to format the queues. Just hit {enter} here. The RDR queue is pre-loaded with a couple of jobs and formating is not required.

9. The BG or F2 prompt appears. At this point we are ready to assign the phantom card reader for BG and F2. Follow the example below, the order the prompts appear may differ.

 System    Your Response
 Prompt               |
    |      -------------------------
    |-> BG ASSGN SYSIN,X'00C'{enter}
	F2 ASSGN SYSIN,X'00C'{enter}
	BG {enter}
	F2 {enter}

10. Two messages should appear on the console indicating that BG and F2 are waiting for work. The rest of the phantom assignments are handled by a job resident in the RDR queue. Release it with "R RDR,*INIT{enter}" on the console. A couple of jobs run. The system is now ready for work. As a test go to the Card Facility tab and click "Load A File". A file open dialog will appear. Select assembler example. The JCL will appear in the text area. Click "Send to Card Reader". Go back to the console tab to watch the job run. After the job finishes and you see "BG WAITING FOR WORK" you may get a message indicating that printout is waiting on device 00E. If so type "G 00E{enter}". Go to the Work Table tab and an icon of a printout should appear there. Left clicking on this icon loads the printout to the Greenbar tab where you will see the results of the job you ran. Right click a printout and a menu appears allowing you to print the file or delete it. On the upper right of the WorkTable tab is a button for Print Dialog. When you first start the program the printer is set to the system default printer in landscape mode. You may click this dialog button to change that behaviour.

11. You should now be ready to explore the DOS/VS system on your own. Happy Mainframing.