Operating Systems for use with the Hercules Emulator

Although most modern IBM operating systems will run on Hercules, they cannot be run due to licensing restrictions. In some cases they can be run as part of disaster recovery procedures but be sure to check the legal department first. Below is a complete list of IBM and non-IBM operating systems that hobbyist can use with Hercules.

DOS/360 & TOS/360 - also announced in 1964 the DOS/360 system is a low end OS that can run only three tasks at a time. TOS/360 is a disk-less tape based version. This original distribution tapes in an aws (emulated tape file) format are also at ibiblio. If you want to build your own from scratch see our DOS360 file section.

DOS/VS with POWER - this one was introduced in 1972 and was a major extension of DOS/360. It led to DOS/VSE in 1981 thru z/VSE today. The most recent version for Hercules users is release 34 which came out in 1978. It has a maximum of 5 partitions instead of DOS/360's 3 and can handle 16 megabytes of real storage. More information on it and how to get it are here.

MVS - this evolved from OS/360. It morphed into OS390, then on to z/OS. It is IBM's most complex and largest operating system. Hercules user's can use version 3.8J which was released in 1980. This system was capable of handling 1000's of user terminals at one time while still doing batch work in the computer room. More information on it and how to get it are here.

University of Michigan's MTS (Michigan Terminal System) - Development of this OS started in 1967 and continued until 1996. The last known system was shutdown in 1999. This was used by UM to provide computing services for all of it's campuses and several other universities and a few corporations made use of it. The startWithMTS webpage has several links to download the OS and documentation. The page also has a 3279 terminal you can use to explore MTS (VBB's online system) from the end user's perspective without having to install anything.

OS/360 - oringinally introduced in 1964 the most recent version that is in the public domain for Hercules use is MVT 21.8F which is available as a ready to run system at ibiblio. If you want to build your own from scratch see Jay Maynard's excellent instructions.

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